about s+d/source

an archive of imagery that inspires Shubin+Donaldson Architects in their vision •

Shubin + Donaldson Architects was founded in 1990 by principals Russell Shubin and Robin Donaldson as a design-based architectural practice which specializes in developing livable environments with a refined sensitivity toward the land, its users, and context.

With offices in both Los Angeles and nearby Santa Barbara, California, the firm jointly strives for distinction through the imaginative design of sophisticated, context-driven buildings and communities standing as expressions of the users, the environment, as well as the architects. A highly rigorous and collaborative design process is employed by the principals and staff in pursuit of a refined balance between the needs for building and housing and a respect for the preservation of natural habitats and watersheds. With extensive experience in residential multi-family master planning, community planning, commercial buildings, educational facilities, custom residential, and commercial interiors, Shubin+Donaldson Architects pride themselves on an explorative approach to design combining function with efficiency, and innovative tactile and material expression with social and environmental conscience.


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